Solomon Nkansah Must Apologize To Asanteman Now Or Else.Asanteman Development Forum Charges

It is becoming convincingly and increasingly clear that there is a well orchestrated plan by this NDC government particularly since they assumed office in 2009, primarily to marginalize and bastardize the people of Asanteman for no tangible reasons.

We have again realized that the deliberate and continuous silence of the government seemed to have empowered their surrogates and apologists to spew venom against the good people of this region, sadly enough it is visible that anyone who talks ill of Asanteman becomes instant hero and is subsequently rewarded with positions in the NDC government.

This sustained move to marginalize and make people of Asanteman aliens in their own land could be traced as far back as 2006, when former president John Mills of blessed memory, then seeking to lead the nation said in a leaked American Diplomatic Cable when in a meeting with then American Ambassador to Ghana on march 7th, 2006 and we quote: “politics is very polarized and ethnically divided and that the great Ashanti project is terrifying.”

And as terrifying as the ‘great Ashanti project’ was to him, the former president could not explain to the people of Asanteman and to a large extent to Ghanaians what he meant by the ‘Great Ashanti Project’.

Again in October 2010, Kobby Acheampong, then deputy minister of Tourism under this same government described a son of Asanteman, Lawyer Owusu Afriyie (Sir John) as “Kokoase Kuraseni” (cocoa-farming unpolished villager) because the latter has stayed in Kumasi for far too long. This infantile statement was sarcastically, an insult to the people living in the region, including the occupant of the Golden Stool, the Asantehene Otumfou Osei Tutu II.

Another social misfit from the NDC, Solomon Nkansah, a communicator in that party is on record to have also confirmed the open hatred that this government has for the people of Asanteman with his infamous loose talk against the people of the region. He said: “every shameless act related to politics comes from Ashanti Region. They have gained more notoriety when it comes to politics. Every ill-fated political demonstration comes from them and nothing good comes from the region. Had it not been for their recognized and well respected king they would have been insulted all the time”

So Solomon Nkansah wants to tell the people of this Kingdom that with the exception of the Asantehene, all the other prominent Paramount chiefs in the Kingdom (including the King-makers who enstooled the Otumfou), the Regional Chief Imam and his local Imams, KMA mayor, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings-the wife of NDC founder-are all not fit to be accorded the needed respect and therefore deserved to be insulted?

To us, what Solomon Nkansah spewed was just a cynical way to insult the seat of the Golden Stool, and we will not allow him or anybody to rundown the dignity of the monarchy and we are ready to protect our cherished Golden Stool. These remarks from NDC functionaries are undoubtedly designed to provoke and pitch other tribes against Asanteman and it is no wonder to us that most of the unfortunate remarks come from members of the political party to which Solomon Nkansah belongs.

Again, his comment is an open insult to even his own party members in the region who are by now angry in their own hearts, but cannot openly condemn him. We are therefore calling on the leadership of the NDC in the region to be bold enough to come out publicly and condemn the insults on them by their own and as well call him to order. It is rather sad that despite several calls on him to withdraw his statement, he remains adamant, a clear indication that Solomon Nkansah’s comments were deliberate and well planned. The silence of the ruling NDC further suggest that they have endorsed it.

Again, Solomon Nkansah and his likes should be reminded that the Kingdom of Ashanti and its people have always weathered any storm since the days of the British and through other political schemes geared towards suppressing and clipping the wings of the Kingdom. The Kingdom and its subjects shall forever remain ever vibrant, industrious, relevant, dynamic and undaunted. He should know also that, nothing can be done by anyone that will smash the vibrancy, solid and ever united Ashanti Kingdom. We are not a bit sad about all these attacks coming from the NDC apologists; rather we are very ashamed for having Ghanaians with such clueless, lawless, hypocrites and misfits managing the affairs of this country.

Asanteman will forever play her role as a central partner to the total development of the country, and we assure them that no matter what they do, nothing can push away the vision and agenda of the Kingdom. We will remain pivotal and position the kingdom as a gateway and a hub of hospitality; booming business destination and great business initiators.

The Better Ghana Agenda has longed become a paralyzed agenda, with the NDC having no clue to give hope to the suffering Ghanaians. We are urging Solomon Nkansah, people like him as well as his political party, the ruling NDC to invest their energies engaging in a deep thinking exercise that could bring forth some novel solutions to our teething problems. The people of Asanteman, like all Ghanaians, deserve to see the realization of a true better Ghana, not an unwarranted, desperate attacks and character assassination of the people of Asanteman.

We are giving Solomon Nkansah 36 hours to apologize to the good people of Asanteman, or we will advise ourselves accordingly. Since we are uncivilized, it would be in his own interest not to step a foot in the region since it will be unsafe for a ‘civilized’ person like himself to walk among the people of Asanteman who are much ‘uncivilized’.

Thank you.


Michael Ntori-Nkansah

Interim Chairman



Gabriel Amoah


Richard Asante



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