Miss Tourism partners Airtel Rising Stars: Aims to plant 5000 trees

Entertainment of Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Source: Prince Dornu-Leiku

Jessy Kawra HighJessy Kawra

2014 Miss Tourism Ghana, Jessy Kawra has joined the 2015 Airtel rising Stars competition with a plan to plant 5000 trees over a 6 week period.

Jessy Kawra who heads the Jessy Kawra foundation has been variously referred to as the New Voice of the Environment and the Queen of Green has secured seedlings from the forestry commission of Ghana for the project.

The ravishing beauty Queen and model said she decided to partner Airtel Rising Stars because she sees a sync between the successful competition and her aspirations to radically effect changes in attitude towards the environment.

Airtel Rising Stars has been accepted by the Ghanaian society as a credible competition. It does a good job of inspiring young talented people to achieve their dreams. These youngsters are going to be highly influential in the future. And I want them to think of the environment even from now. Planting a tree is like planting your own career. It takes time and nurturing.” “ You don’t become a big tree overnight. And when you become a big tree you don’t have to cut yourself down because you change your surroundings.”

“I want to orient these potential future stars to understand the concept of the environment by making them learn these lessons. And by the time we finish Airtel Rising Stars, they would have collectively planted five thousand trees across the length and breadth of the country. “

All host venues have already agreed to give the Airtel Rising Stars team places to plant the trees.

The activity will happen on Sunday morning preceding the final day of matches.

“I thank Airtel Rising Stars for giving me this opportunity to have an environmental impact with this competition. I also thank the Forestry Commission for the seedlings. I will have a talk session with the players as well. This is a partnership made in heaven. I will go everywhere Airtel rising Stars goes. I will speak everywhere Airtel Rising Stars speak. ” Jessy Kawra said.

At least 1000 players will take part in the zonal competitions and grand finale of the tourney. If each player plants five trees, the five thousandth tree will be planted on August 30th in Sunyani.

Aside Airtel Rising Stars, the Jessy Kawra Foundation has been busy with sanitation projects and educational videos for schools urging them to keep their environments tidy.

“The environment is all we have” says Jessy Kawra. It’s not a fancy topic, it’s not a headline grabbing topic so people tend to ignore its issues. But if you lived in a house with cracks all around and inside, would you not be concerned? The environment is our house. And that is why I have chosen to be the New Voice of the Environment” said Jessy Kawra.