Bloodshed Looms At Enoe

There is imminent bloodshed at Enoe, a farming community near Kojokrom in the Sekondi-Takoradi metropolis as the chief and people of the area have threatened to brutally deal with Nana Ahenkofi, a chief of a nearby community if he steps foot at Enoe.

According to the people of Enoe, the chief of Ahenkofi, Nana Ahenkofi, was allegedly using some clandestine means to claim ownership of some tracts of land belonging to the Enoe community.

The people of Enoe explained that the chief of Ahenkofi sometime ago was litigating in court with one Agyambra family of Enoe (not the royal family) over who was the true owner of a small piece of land at Enoe and the court ruled in favour of Nana Ahenkofi.

The Enoe people alleged that since that particular land was given to Nana Ahenkofi, the chief has been purportedly using all foul means to claim ownership of some lands at Enoe in addition to what the court asked him to take.

They claimed that Nana Ahenkofi had employed some well-built young guys as land-guards who were always using motorcycles to patrol some lands in the area and preventing any indigene of Enoe to move on those lands.

The people of the farming community of Enoe have, therefore, vowed to resist Nana Ahenkofi from taking or selling Enoe lands which did not belong to the people of Ahenkofi even if it called for cutting off the head of Nana Ahenkofi.

Last Saturday, hell broke loose at Enoe as the people of the area, particularly, members of the Asafo, poured onto the streets of Enoe and dared Nana Ahenkofi or his alleged landguards to come and face them.

The visibly angry members of the area’s Asafo company who were wielding machete and locally manufactured guns, shot sporadically into the air, indicating that they were ready to fight the Ahenkofi chief and his alleged landguards.

When DAILY GUIDE got to Enoe last Saturday at about 9:00am, members of the Asafo company as well as some of the community members were seen moving from one point to the other and threatening to deal with any one from Ahenkofi who would step foot in the Enoe community.

Some gun bullets were also seen on the ground, confirming that there were sporadic gun shots by the angry residents.

Addressing journalists later during the day, Kofi Fynn, who claimed to be the brother of the chief of Enoe, Nana Kwesi Kray V, noted that about two years ago, the chief of Ahenkofi started demarcating some tracts of land at Enoe with pillars and claimed ownership of them.

He indicated that the people of Enoe then reported the case to the police and were made to write their statements.

He added that when the Ahenkofi chief was invited by the police for his side of the story, he did not honour the invitation.

‘Since then, Nana Ahenkofi has been sending some ‘macho’ men who are alleged natives of the Northern Region to serve as landguards and prevent the indigenes access to their own lands,’ Kofi Fynn asserted.

He stated that ‘so this Saturday we woke up early in the morning and decided not to bath but to move to the tracks of land the Ahenkofi chief is claiming ownership to remove the pillars used for the demarcation and wait for anyone who will come and face us.’

According to Kofi Fynn, the people of Enoe had showed the police all the documents confirming that none of the lands being claimed by the Ahenkofi chief belonged to him.

He pointed out that the people of Enoe would not sit down and look at the Ahenkofi chief to claim lands he did not own.

‘At worst, the case will go to court but we are waiting to see what the police will do before we take the next line of action,’ he added.

From Emmanuel Opoku, Takoradi

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