UN NGO To Sue Ghana Highway Authority

The founder and President of the United Nations NGO, Voices of African Mothers, (VAM), and the founder of John William Montessori School in Kumasi, Mrs. Nana Fosu Randall has disclosed her intentions to sue the Ghana Highway Authorities if they fail to repair the damages the company has caused her school.

Confirming this in an interview with GBC’s Garden City Radio on Wednesday she said the Ghana Highway Authority has caused a great impairment to her school and environs.

‘’The Ghana Highway Authority is causing a great damage to the school (John William Montessori School) owned by me which partners with the first lady of Equatorial Guniea to educate children who have lost their parents and the less privileged from Guinea’’ Mrs. Randall said

Emphasizing on her partnership with Guinea’s first lady, she said Mrs. Constancia Mangue Nsue de Obiang is a patron of VAM and also sponsor children from Guinea to be educated in Ghana precisely at John William Montessori School

‘’ In further explanations, Mrs. Fosu Randall said the first lady of Guinea Mrs. Constancia Mangue Nsue de Obiang is a patron of VAM and also a sponsor of the Guinean children studying in her school and therefore cannot allow the Highway Authority to destroy it.

‘’The first lady of Guinea sponsors children to be educated in Ghana through the supervision of Voices of African Mothers (VAM). VAM do not undertake only educational project but also committed to empowerment of women, improvement of maternal health and child mortality’’. Mrs. Fosu Randall added

Explain further she said the Ghana Highway Authority pulled down all bill boards of the school whiles constructing the Sofoline-Abuakwa Road and promised to re-erect them but never did.

‘’They came and said we should give them the permission for the construction of the Sofoline-Abuakwa road which I agreed but suddenly they got to the school and stopped. Now whenever it rains all the water from the streets run into our compound posing risk and health hazards to the management and the entire student body of the school’’

‘’The school which has three entrances due to the construction of the road has compelled them to only have one access route making’’ She further stated

Mrs. Randall postulated that she will sue the Ghana Highways Authority if they do not come to fix the damages they have caused the school.

Mrs. Randall was a former chief financial officer of United Nations (UN)

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