Highlife music is the future of Ghana – Kofi Nti

Entertainment of Monday, 20 July 2015

Source: Flexgh.com

KofiNtiKofi Nti

It is most of the time mentioned that the high-life genre is the best genre of music that can promote Ghana all over the globe but it’s sad to note that most of the country’s high-life artistes are not really active on the music scene.

The music scene has been dominated by artistes who do other genres of music for some years now.

Speaking to Flex Newspaper in an exclusive interview, high-life artiste Kofi Nti admitted that just like other high-life artistes, he has not been fully active on the music scene ever since he released his last project ‘Ama Adomaa” with Bisa K Dei last year September.

According to him, the reason for his brief silence and absence from the music scene is due to the need to stay back and most importantly observe the current music trend and take a step to suit that trend so far as the release of a new song or album is concerned.

Kofi Nti also noted that high-life music is the past, present and future of Ghana music and debunked assertions that high-life as a genre of music is dead as most of the songs being done currently have elements of high-life.

Speaking on the challenges faced by most high-life artistes, Kofi Nti mentioned that it mainly has to do with promotion of their songs and the poor pay for their performances adding that most of the young artistes who do other genres of music are richer than high-life artistes because they are paid huge sums of money.

He also revealed that the emergence and embrace of social media by the artistes who do other genres of music has been really helpful and stated that himself and other highlife artistes are most likely to join the social media train to promote their music.

He further revealed that he is feverishly working in the studio and by September, 2015, he will release his new project under the management of Golden Voice Entertainment.