GFA Elections: Ofeibea blames Osei Palmer

Sports News of Monday, 20 July 2015


Soccer OfeibiaFailed Presidential aspirant of the GFA Presidency, Ofeibea Ramatu

Failed Presidential aspirant of the Ghana Football Association Presidency, Ofeibea Ramatu believes somebody sabotaged her ambitions of unseating the current FA boss, Kwesi Nyantakyi.

Madam Ofeibea Ramatu picked forms to contest in the August 17 elections but failed to return the forms on the closing date of submission.

According to Ofeibea, GFA Executive, Osei Palmer is responsible for her inability to process the nomination form and get the right number of endorsements within the stipulated time frame

Ofiebaa Ramatu categorically pinned down for failures at the first hurdle to Mr. Osei Palmer, who she believes is the reason for the late change of minds from her sympathizers at the early stages.

She told GTV that, “Osei Palmer said if I am able to get the 10 endorsement, he will quit football. It is on record and I am not surprise at everything that is happening. This is because before somebody can come out and say this you, he knows what he is about or where he coming from. For him to come out publicly to say if I get the ten endorsements, he knows what he is about.

“I am saying that because I have done my home work and I have done everything, travelling across the country and speaking to people. I had the backing but at the last minute I was disappointed. Some people even called to guide me. I was given the promise but I was disappointed on the D-day. They disappointed me at the last minute and that is why I am saying this. Why should he come out clearly and say if I get the ten endorsements, he will quit Ghana football?”

Mr. Osei is an experienced football administrator who doubles as the Management Committee Chairman for the Black Satellites.