Don’t treat gays badly – Kwame Bee

Entertainment of Monday, 20 July 2015


Kwame BeeKwame Bee

Not long ago United States of America legalized homosexuality and thereafter has become the talk of town.

Flex newspaper had an interview with Hitz 103.9 FM’s drive time host Kwame Bee last Friday concerning his opinion about legalization of homosexuality in Ghana.

“For me, I don’t see another man to be attractive but we must not hate gays around us. I think we can work and eat with them,” he said.

“So far as I don’t see any man more beautiful than the ugliest Ghanaian woman, I would never fall victim. If a man gets interested in another man, I will not hate them nor neglect them. I have friends who have gays as friends; we chat together and spend time together,” he added.

Asked if Gayism should be legalized, Kwame Bee said it is about time Ghanaians as a whole sat and collectively looked at it.

“We should put legalization of gay into consideration, Gayism is not a crime in Ghana and so we should take a second look at it,” he concluded.