Striking State Attorneys demand security

The Association of State Attorneys is making a strong argument for government to provide them with security.

The state prosecutors have been on strike for the past two weeks over what they describe as poor conditions of service.

They are also demanding state protection from criminals.

Speaking to Joy News vice president of the association, Annete Barnes said the nature of their work makes this proposal necessary.

“We prosecute criminals, we don’t have any protection whatsoever by the state.

“Meanwhile all the agencies of protection are under the state but we are not protected.

“We are saying that we want protection,” she demanded.

Barnes chronicled instances where state prosecutors have been killed and added the need for protection cannot be compromised.

“We have heard that an Egyptian prosecutor was killed in car bomb a few months ago.

“In another African country a state prosecutor was shot to death in her car in front of her children all because she was prosecuting a case.

‘We are saying that our lives are at stake; we put our lives down for the republic but what do we get in return,” she asked.

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