Conquered death in River Densu; Story of a survivor

When moody Joseph Ashalley, a driver trainee, rejected his wife’s counsel to stay home because he wasn’t himself, little did he know that day would be the worst in his life. He had a close shave with death, and escaped by the skin of the teeth.

Together with his master, they carted gravels, chippings and sand with their tipper truck to clients. It was a good day for them but the journey did not end well. It turned out disastrous. On their return Ashalley and his master found themselves buried in the depth of River Densu after the bridge on which their truck was crossing collapsed.

Joseph Ashalley
The truck they were driving plunged into the deep river when a metal bridge collapsed early this month around 8:30pm.

He survived in a rather miraculous fashion but without his master who was discovered dead a day after the accident.

When caught up with the survivor at Danchira where lives, a town near Adeso, in the Ga South Municipality, Ashalley narrated that shortly after the truck plunged into the deep river it was for him battle against death. He had no choice but to leave the vehicle’s cabin and continue the frantic struggle for survival for at least five minutes in the water.

River Densu
“I thought I was going to die and leave my wife and children. I started calling Jesus to save me.” All of a sudden, he says, some sort of coolness was felt around his head, that was when he realized he had resurfaced.

He took a huge gulp of air and started sinking again. He gasped for breathe but was destined to survive the horrific accident. He desperately grasped a tree branch, which became his divine branch for survival.

Joseph, a father of three, hanged on to the branch shivering and shouting for help for hours.

Even though the broken bridge attracted people to the scene, he said he had screamed time without number and had lost his voice to the extent that he was virtually forcing out strange sounds. “People who heard my screaming were not convinced I was a human being so they ignored me,” he sadly recounted.


Joseph, wife and children
Thank God, a savior was delivered to him. Someone with courage, swam to where he was and on seeing him sent a signal to those at the bank that the scream was coming from a human being.

Coincidentally, it turned out that the savior was Joseph’s brother in-law who chanced on the incident while on his way home from work.

He was finally pulled out of the water with the help of a long rope and was rushed to hospital.

“It was God who saved me because if you look at the water level, the tipper truck was completely submerged under the river, and the rate at which the current was running it is only God who saved me from this situation,” he told

He sustained minor injuries to the left leg but was deeply traumatised.

Joseph and his family
At the time visited him at Danchira visiblyshaken Joseph was flanked by members of his nuclear family traumatized yet rejoicing that father and husband survived the accident. Members of the community poured in to wish him well.

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