Bright of Buk Bak and Promzy to form New Group?

Entertainment of Saturday, 18 July 2015


Bright Buk Bak.jpegBright of Buk Bak

4×4 are on a media run promoting their Tantalizing, Kpagam Kpagam singles and CP’s Fashion Planet.

The duo turned trio sharing some inside jokes revealed Captain Planet’s plan for Bright of Buk Bak whose group mate Ronnie Coaches passed on and Promzy who left his group members to start a solo career that never took off.

“CP always jokes that he will talk to Bright and Promzy to form a group.” Coded revealed before CP continued;

“This is something I have been telling my friends, when I get to America soon where the two are all based, I will call them and sit them down and suggest it to them.

“The two will be amazing together.”

Will this be a perfect match?