Shatta Wale is greedy and ungrateful – Asenke

Entertainment of Thursday, 16 July 2015



In one of his songs recorded in the year 2014, the man who is known as Charles Nii Armah Mensah aka Shatta Wale released had a line like, “Shatta Wale do this, Shatta wale do that”. What he meant in short was that the issues around him were becoming just too alarming so he entreated people to keep mute about him.

About one year after the said publication and its review on some selected platforms, people have not stopped talking about Shatta Wale with the latest person being a man who claims to know Shatta Wale from way back.

This is a man who is known in our music industry as Asenke and has done serious collaborations with great artistes like Castro and the rest.

Asenke has recounted his days with Charles Nii Armah Mensa aka Shatta Wale and what he has become today which is pushing him Asenke to call him greedy and ungrateful.

In real sense, what does Asenke seek to get from Shatta Wale now that he is enjoying his fame and attention whilst signing all the juicy gigs and endorsement deals?

In an interview with Flex newspaper last weekend, the musician who is promoting his latest single “Money Money” featuring highlife artiste Afriyie expects Shatta Wale to look back in life and to recognize those who supported him on his journey to the top of his career.

“Sometimes it hurts me that Shatta Wale cannot even remember that some people helped him in this life so he should also pay them back in the same good they did for him” he lamented generally.

Asenke told Flex newspaper that when Shatta Wale was down and did not have any body including when his father disowned him, he was the one taking care of Shatta and his girl friend who even gave birth at that moment.

“I hired a room for Shatta Wale at Dansoman Datus and I made sure I took good care of his girl friend who was pregnant at that time to deliver safely. Fact is that, we were all musicians but I still saw the need to go look for money to cater for his bills because I believed in him. Now, it will shock you to know that the man who has once upon time eaten from my sweat before does not want to feature me on my song” he added whilst recounting the old stories.

I have known Shatta Wale for a long time because at Shalom Shalom school, we were more like basenkerothers so I expected Shatta to remind himself of the good old days before now. There was a time musicians and even presenters rejected his songs and even promoters were not ready to allow him perform on their platforms but we were still fighting for him.

There are so many things I did for Shatta Wale including buying him a keyboard to produce beats which he is still using but in all these, he is still showing signs of ungratefulness to me and the people around me. Shatta Wale, our God father scorpion is still alive and not dead yet so I am informing you now” he added.

Since Asenke still wants Shatta Wale to pay attention to those who helped him sometime ago and also to be humble in his doings, he asked him to read these biblical quotations including Mat 23vrs 12, Mat 5v5 and Mat 5v3 which all talk about humility in life.