Same-sex marriage shouldn’t even be discussed – Chief

The Chief of Dodowa, Nene Teye Kwesi Okukurubuor Agyemang V, has cautioned against any campaign geared towards legalizing same-sex marriage in Ghana. The act is a taboo, he contended, and called on Ghanaians to completely ignore any calls for it to be accepted.

“I think the issue of same-sex marriage should not even be a topic for Ghanaians to discuss, simply because it is not part of our tradition, this is a taboo and it’s against our traditions as far as Ghanaian tradition is concerned.

“Our customs does not even permit us to see two males even playing together at certain points. It is not allowed. You and I know for sure that it’s a man and a woman who gave birth to us before we became who we are today”, Nene Agyemang emphasized.

Nene Okukurubuor Agyemang V made the call in an interview with Joy News Monday to declare his stand against homosexual act as someone with traditional authority.

The US Supreme Court recently legalized same-sex marriage in all states, which has attracted varied reactions.

Following the move, there are fears America being a major donor to several developing countries could breathe on their necks to legalize same-sex marriage.

This has also pushed the Christian Council of Ghana to call on President John Mahama to publicly state Ghana’s position on same-sex marriage as his predecessor the late President Atta Mills did.

Nene Kwesi Okukurubuor Agyemang V, posited that any traditional ruler who supports the legalization of homosexuality or lesbianism is not qualified to be a leader.

“If people don’t marry to give birth, how can the population grow?’ Biblically, it is wrong because God does not approve of it, therefore as a leader, we must guard against it. I don’t think any leader deserves to be qualified as a leader if he or she supports such a barbaric act which God frowns upon,” he stressed.

Nene Agyemang has therefore called on all traditional rulers, clergies and various institutional heads as well as President John Dramani Mahama to make their voice heard on this contentious issue.

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