Suggestions Of Political Alliance Worth Considering—Minority Leader

THE MINORITY Leader in Parliament, Hon. Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu, has backed calls for the opposition New Patriotic Party(NPP) to engage in alliance with small political parties ahead of the 2016 general elections.

The NPP MP for Suame believes such alliance, if meticulously done, can help enhance the chances of voting out the moribund administration of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) from office.

The Minority Leader however warned that the decision must be approached with all the needed cautiousness lest it backfires on the face of the party.

Hon. Kyei Mensah Bonsu, who was answering a question posed to him during an interaction with a group of journalists who called on him over the weekend, said though it would be politically expedient for the NPP to forge alliance with other smaller political parties, such move must only be made after critical analysis has been done.

He observed that notwithstanding the fact that in politics “it is about numbers” which means effectively means that courting the support of other parties can inure to the benefit of the NPP, the approach must be executed on basis of mutual trust and spirit of volunteerism and not by compulsion.

The call for the political alliance comes at the back of recent defeat suffered by the party at the recently held Talensi by-elections where many political analysts believe the NPP could have formed partnership with particularly the People’s National Convention(PNC) whose candidate came to close to that of the leading opposition party.

However, the Minority Leader said the suggestion was not new to the NPP, stressing that similar decisions had been done in the past which according to him, generated mixed outcomes.

“Yeah sure the call for political alliance is in the right order but let’s not forget outcomes of such moves do not usually translate into political advantage to the biggest party,” He emphasized, stressing however that the suggestion is worth considering.

Meanwhile, Hon. Kyei Mensah Bonsu has called for a strong and sustained nationwide crusade from the media against impunity and ‘hardcore bribery corruption that has taken over the once beauty and fairness of the country’s politics.

According to him, the era where social justice, freedom and accountability were the cardinal principles that the political foundation of Ghana was built upon had become weakened, with greed, bribery, intimidation, violence and character assassination taking over.

Osei-Kyei Mensah-Bonsu said this when members of the Media Network for Change, a media group that seeks to champion a crusade against the many ills in society, paid a courtesy call on him, to congratulate him on his recent victory in the NPP’s Parliamentary primaries and also introduce the network to him.

According to the Minority Leader, the time had come for the media to stand for the ideologies and philosophies that they believe in and help fight against anything in society that stand against their beliefs. “People and at large the society who does not share your principles will heckle you; they will tag you with so many names. Even they will try to soil your hard-won reputations…But at this moment let people know what you believe in and stand for, focus on what is right and support a cause that will change society for the better”, the Suame NPP MP charged the journalist.

He urged the MNfC to be resolve in their quest to lead the campaign for exposing the many evils in this government. Meanwhile, a release signed by the Chairman of the Network, Richard Asante, has expressed its disgust about the massive and excessive splashing of cash and vote buying in the just-ended Talensi by-election engineered by the ruling NDC government.

According to them, at a time when all seems lost under the NDC government, with most critical national projects halted because government claims that there is no money, it is disgusting and infuriating to note that, “our already bleeding national purse were sent to the Talensi constituency, just to buy the electorate’s vote in order to get their candidate elected as NDC Member of Parliament for the area in the just-ended by-election.” The Media Network for Change noted that, the betrayal of the peoples’ trust has now been confirmed by the NDC government led by John Dramani Mahama, particularly when government workers had been left to their fate, with no money to pay their salaries, yet government allegedly raise GH40, 000 just for the by-election.

“The good people of Ghana are currently going through a period of betrayal, high despondency and confusion as well as unprecedented economic tribulations engineered by politicians, especially from the Mahama-led National Democratic Congress government, with no iota of hope of returning to the path of prosperity anytime soon”, the statement added. “…However, after winning the election, all those hurriedly started projects; the digging of boreholes, construction of roads and electrification projects, some of which were even done all through the nights, have been stopped completely, a move we again consider a very big insult to the people of Talensi and to the entire region of the Upper East Region”, the statement lamented.

In the view of the media group, another ‘useless’ but avoidable huge debt had been added to the country’s national debt portfolio, a development they observed would automatically facilitate the backward development of the country.

They again noted that the ‘sour development of monicracy’ which is deeply and fast creeping into Ghana’s political discourse is not only making politics seem ugly and dirty, rather, killing the interest of people with genuine intentions to see the growth of Ghana. “Politics in Ghana is becoming a game for the rich and it seems to us that a time will come where competence would be compromised for the rich to take control of our political and national lives,” they warned.

The statement continued: “It is time that all of us, and we mean Ghanaians, who own this country to rise and demand accountability from those leading us. We must rise up; come out of our slumber and fight against this beast called ‘monicracy’ in our national politics.”

The Secretary of the group, Gabriel Amoah, on his part pointed out that the agenda of the Network was purely non-political, adding that the objective is to help stem the culture of discipline, accountability and good governance in the country.

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