Man’s engagement cash destroyed in Abuja fire

The fire that gutted the Abuja slum in Accra Tuesday night also gutted the hopes of early marriage for a young man who saw his savings for an impending engagement ceremony go up in flames.

Kofi Danso in his early thirties told that he had gone to withdraw money from the bank to enable him buy items for his engagement when disaster struck Tuesday night.

Hundreds of makeshift structures at Abuja slum close to the Cocoa Marketing Board (CMB) were razed by fire, Tuesday evening.

An 8-month old baby is believed to have perished in the inferno. The slum has been reduced to piles of ashes.

Among the properties destroyed is a business owned by Kofi Danso.

Kofi Danso operates a DSTV video center in the slum where patrons watch UEFA Champions League matches and English Premier League games for a fee usually between 1 to 2 cedis.

Right before his eyes the joy of matrimony evaporated, replaced with a sense of hopelessness, he explained.

He said only recently, he had met his fiancée’s family where he was given a list of items required for the traditional ceremony.

His fiancée is yet to recover from the shock of their loss. She knows they have to start all over again.

“Unless God rains money for me,” it will be difficult for me to recover, Kofi Danso revealed his hopelessness in a human intervention.

Kofi says he will now have to start from the scratch to find a new business, save new cash to marry.

He hopes that time will not run out in his bid to make the woman his wife.

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