Young philanthropist rescues the rural poor

The worsening living conditions of some Ghanaians, especially those dwelling in rural communities, have compelled a 28-year-old man to use his little resources to do humanitarian work aimed at putting smiles on the faces of the needy.

Over the last few years, Barwuah Yaw, a native of Effiduase, a community in the Ejisu-Juaben Municipality of the Ashanti Region, has been providing hope for the marginalized in the society through donations and message of hope.

Barwuah, who is also known as a roaming philanthropist, has donated various items including wheel chairs, clothes, books, food, detergents and money to the underprivileged in Ghana, South Africa and Togo.

His budding non-governmental organisation, B.Y Foundation, is committed to helping the needy in society, empowering the youth to be part of nation building and helping them to identify and develop their talents.

A Social Welfare investigation report on the NGO described its objectives as laudable which must be “assisted to mobilize the necessary financial and material support to help the disadvantaged in the society to better their standard of living.”

Barwuah Yaw, who is the Chief Executive of the NGO, called on the rich in Ghana and other parts of Africa to willingly support the poor to meet their socio-economic needs in order to improve their living conditions.

Giving to support the needy, he said, should be seen as a divine assignment, and must be pursued with diligence to lessen the suffering many poor people in country face.

He particularly took a swipe at religious bodies that have deposited huge sums of money at banks while people suffer hardship. He implored them to rethink their decision, arguing that God blesses so that others might benefit from it.

He said his outfit has since its inception in November, 2011, donated various items to hundreds of people in several communities including Effiduase in the Ashanti Region, Nzulezo in the Western Region, Wa in the Upper West Region and other places where he educated parents on Girl-child education.

At Durban in South Africa, B. Y. Foundation, with the support of its local team members in May, 2015, counseled drug addicts to stop drugs, warning them about repercussions on their lives.

He said most of the addicts had no sense of expressing brotherly affection, considering the harsh conditions they lived.

The situation, he said, posed a threat to security in the country and called on the South African government to consider finding an effective and efficient rehab to fight the social menace.

In Lome, capital of Togo, the NGO, on January 24, 2015, distributed quantities of mosquito nets, tooth paste and brushes, and books to the less-privileged.

In all its engagements with the people, the NGO encouraged the beneficiaries not to despair but be positive-minded, work hard with self-confidence, exhorting them that with time their living conditions would improve.

Barwuah Yaw passionately appealed to the government of Ghana and thriving private businesses to partner and help grow young Ghanaian institutions like B. Y. Foundation to help address the plight of the thousands of people who are wallowing in abject poverty.

According to the NGO, it has strategic plans to expand its operations to all parts of Ghana and beyond, build vocational and computer centres to resource the teeming neglected youth to become partners in development.

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