Revealed: the Presence of a beautiful woman ignites attitudes in men

Entertainment of Monday, 13 July 2015


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A psychological study confirms that the presence of a beautiful woman ignite stupid behavior in men.

Research has shown that men behave stupidly when they are around beautiful women.

Therefore if you are a lady and a guy makes an embarrassing comment or do something foolish in front of you, don’t blame him; he is only trying to impress you.

Unfortunately guys can not think about anything else when they want to impress a beautiful woman and therefore is not in control of his actions.

Even smart guys are not immune to this. Interestingly, this impairment can occur even when the woman is not around.

The Researchers who wanted to prove this fact had a test on a group of men; Attention test and reading test.

During the test half of the men were told that a woman will be watching them in the 2nd test (reading test) via a webcam while the other half were told that a man would be watching them.

Guys performance on the attention test actually declined when they expected to be watched by a woman in the 2nd task.

This effect was only seen in the group that expected a female observer. In other words men’s cognitive ability can drop at the mere anticipation of a woman.

This study shows that the mere presence of a woman can impair a man’s mental functioning.

And the more attractive the woman is ,the dumber he becomes. Therefore ladies you have to know the power you have over men and the next time a guy behaves awkwardly in front of you, you know he’s only trying to impress you and that he likes you a lot.