Dr. Gabass to appeal against 25-year sentence

Convicted medical doctor Dr. Ali-Gabass will appeal the judgment that handed him maximum sentence for defiling a 16-year old boy.

“We are considering appeal….we are going to ask for the record of proceedings and go to a higher court which will have to look at the evidence all over again and see whether he merits 25 years”, the lawyer Phixon Owool told Joy News’ Kwakye Afreh Nuamah.

Judge Rita Budu of the Accra Circuit Court on Monday, found Dr Sulley Ali-Gabass guilty of defiling a 16-year old and sentenced him to 25 years imprisonment.

Dr. Gabass leaves court
The ruling shocked the family and left his wife in uncontrollable tears.

His lawyer says he is surprised by the ruling and finds 25 years for Dr. Ali-Gabass too harsh. As a first offender, Dr. Gabass is also “not known to the law” he argued.

For someone who is a medical doctor, “society would need him” hence a more lenient sentence would have been appropriate. The lawyer believes, the second charge of unnatural carnal knowledge failed because the prosecution had no evidence to prove its case.

But a Human Rights lawyer Francis Sosu, who has been observing and supporting the victim says they are satisfied with the maximum sentence. He dismissed the view that the sentence was harsh.

Francis Sosu argued that the courts must protect the “sanctity and chastity of the children” because they represent the future of any country.

He said the Prosecution proved beyond every reasonable doubt that Dr. Gabass defiled the teenager “not once, not twice but five times”.

For Francis Sosu, justice has been served against a professional doctor who has damaged the life of a teenage student.

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