Big Ben turned us away because we come from Nima – VVIP

Entertainment of Monday, 13 July 2015



Zeal born Abdul Hamid Ibrahim in a latest interview on Joy FM detailed how Big Ben sometime back pull the plug when plans of working with his VIP group were far advanced.

“When we started, people didn’t understand the whole movement of Hiplife. Zeal told Lexis Bill; “They saw us as some ruffians and yoyo boys who acted funny. The biggest challenges was the fact that we were coming from Nima. There are lot of producers we sat down and talk to about our plans for releasing our album. We come the next day, they don’t want to see us again and they don’t want to talk to us simply because we are from Nima.

“They use to think Nima boys were crazy but that is not true. There are crazy people everywhere. Yes! it’s crazy but not as people made it look. And so one of the missions was to change that perception people had about the place we represented.

“It feels bad when you spend all your time in the studio thinking this person will help only to realize the help is not coming because you come from a certain part of town. Some people even go as far as trying to kill your dream.

“There was this man, Big Ben, in Nana King studio, something happened and when he saw it, he got scared and that’s how we couldn’t get to work with him. But I don’t know if I see him today I will not recognize him.”