Ali-Gabass attempted ‘killing’ sodomy case with money – family alleges

It has emerged that incarcerated Dr. Sulley Ali-Gabass made frantic attempts to influence the family of the16-year-old boy he sodomised with money to end the court case, the victim’s family has alleged.

Even though the boy’s parents admitted they are living in abject poverty, the offer was flatly rejected. Their sole prayer is for the courts of the land to deliver justice to their son.

A Circuit Court judge Rita Agyemang Budu today acknowledged that the prosecution had proven beyond reasonable doubt that Dr Ali-Gabass is guilty of defilement. She therefore sentenced the Takoradi-based medical doctor to a maximum 25 years imprisonment.

Few hours after the court has delivered its judgement, the parents of the victim expressed their excitement about the ruling to Joy News’ Manasseh Azure-Awuni who first broke the news last year.

According to the boy’s mother, the family of Dr. Ali-Gabass tried to induce them with money so that the court case could be discontinued.

The boy’s father refused to take the money, she narrated, adding that she also rejected the offer.

Interestingly, the lawyer for the victim Francis Xavier-Sosu confirmed to that in the heat of the trial he received a call from an anonymous person attempting to bribe him out of the case.

He also confirmed that the prosecutors received similar calls but all of them kicked against it.

When judgement was finally given, he heaved a huge sigh of relief knowing the judge answered to the call of justice and did not succumb to any form of inducement.

The father could not restrain himself from showering unending God’s blessings on the media, Joy FM in particular, for bringing their plight to light. More so that the son is now back to school and having his expenses being catered for by the state.

The victim who has been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS had earlier told Joy News he wanted prison sentence for Dr. Ali-Gabass.

“I am happy because finally justice has been served,” he told Manasseh but was quick to add that he is “sad” because he [Gabass] has left behind a wife and two children.

He also parried criticisms that he himself is a bad boy for engaging in the sexual act with the doctor.

“I don’t think we should be judgmental. At first I wanted someone to help me but I couldn’t… finally I have come out of it,” he conceded.

Having gone through vigorous counselling, he added, “Honestly I don’t feel anything… that is their opinion…but we should be very careful how we judge others because we don’t know what will come on your way.”

Story by Ghana | | Isaac Essel | [email protected] | Twitter: @isaacessel

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