GOIL fire: ‘Ghosts’ haunt Circle residents at disaster zone

The people around the GOIL Filling Station where over 150 people died in an explosion and flood say they keep hearing the screams of those who died at midnight.

According to the residents, the GOIL Filling Station, in particular, has become more or less like a haunted zone ‘and there is some heaviness on you when you walk pass that place after 10pm.’

Officially 159 persons passed away on June 3, 2015 in the twin disaster that rocked Accra. On that fateful Wednesday, scores of people who had gone to seek refuge at the popular and one of the oldest filling stations in the capital spent their last moment on earth.

The dead comprising people who had closed from work, students, hawkers and residents were consumed by fire after a wild explosion at the filling station while others got trapped in the flood making it difficult for them to escape death.

According to some of the residents, ‘at midnight you keep hearing people crying and wailing. Others kept screaming ‘help, help’ and it really haunts us. Sometimes we can’t sleep.’

‘Sometimes, I feel it is my mindset or I’m dreaming, but I wake up and realise some strange movements outside. It is as if some people are dancing and mourning or murmuring at the same time. At times you see something big glowing like a ball from a distance and some flames then it goes off suddenly. The picture is not clear and you feel terrified all night,’ a tea seller near the Vienna City narrated.

‘I used to sell till about 2am before the fire disaster. I tried once after the disaster but I stopped. These days by 10pm I close. I’m scared of those who come to buy from me from 12pm. They act quite strange and some of them look familiar although you know they are dead. They don’t chat with you like it used to be. I tremble so I have decided to close early,’ a Nescafe on-wheels seller, whose product used to be patronized by the prostitutes in the disaster zone, narrated.

A few of the residents and workers around the area have rubbished the claims, arguing it is a figment of people’s imagination.

The GOIL filling station which has become a centre of attraction for some time now has been cordoned off for investigations.


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