Tension Mounts At Beposo As Omanhene Orders Removal Of Goats From The Town

Beposo (Ash) July 10 – Tension is mounting at Beposo in the Sekyere Central District in Ashanti Region following the order by Nana BoamahKwabi IV, Omanhene of Beposo Traditional Area that goats and black dogs must be taken away from the town.

According to Nana KofiAsare, a linguist and spokesperson for the Traditional Council, forty-days given for the implementation of the order expired on Sunday, July 5, and they will soon implement it

No reason was given by the linguist why the animalsmust be taken away from the town. He saidsometime ago, twofetish priests fromSeikwa came to the town and advised the removal of the animals.

One sub-chief who spoke to me on condition of anonymity said about two months ago, a fetish priest from Seikwain the BrongAhafo region visited the town and advised the paramount chief to removethe two animals from the town.

According to the chief, the priests attributedrecent deaths of some prominent citizens in the townand especially the deaths of five citizens of Beposo who were involved in the June 3, twin disaster in Accraas spiritually motivated.

He said the priests advised the Traditional Council to remove the animals to avoid such unpleasant situation in future.

Meanwhile, people who rear goats in the town have vowed to resist the order unless the Traditional Council comes out to assign reason for the order.

In an emergency meeting,on last Wednesday at Beposothe goat owners said, goats rearing is part of farming activities and that is what they do to make a living.

Mr. Yaw Kwarteng, a spokesperson of the goat owners said they are law abiding citizens and would not do anything to disturb the peace in the town but insisted that they will not remove the animals until there is justifiable reason.

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