NAB Warns Trans Africa College

Mr. Kwame Dattey (second left) addressing the media. Seated with him are other Board Members of NAB.

The National Accreditation Board (NAB) has warned Trans Africa University College, an Accra-based tutorial college, to stop unilaterally offering unaccredited degree programmes to unsuspecting students.

According to the Executive Secretary of NAB, Kwame Dattey, the Board served the warning recently.

Mr Dattey made this known Wednesday in Accra in an interview with the media on the sidelines of a seminar organised by NAB for some selected journalists.

The seminar was designed to inform and educate journalists on the mandate and operations of the Board.

It provided a platform for participants to brainstorm over the importance of regulation in the tertiary education sector to ensure quality.

According to Mr Dattey, it is unlawful for an institution like Trans Africa University College, only accredited as a tutorial college, to unilaterally begin to operate as a degree-awarding college.

‘If you are accredited as a tutorial college, you cannot crossover unilaterally as a degree-awarding university,’ he stated.

He warned that the college stands the chance of having its tutorial college status revoked if it fails to fast track the accreditation process for its top-up programmes.

The warning follows a report made by DAILY GUIDE on April 22, this year that Trans Africa University College was operating underground as a degree-awarding institution without accreditation from NAB or any other recognised accreditation board.

Mr Dattey disclosed that the college has since applied to the Board to operate as a degree-awarding institution but that it has been instructed by NAB to convert from a tutorial to a degree-awarding college.

The Executive Secretary of NAB said ‘What they did was that they presented a programme for degree and then we told them that you cannot present a programme for degree unless you convert from tutorial to degree-awarding, and so they withdrew that and they resubmitted it this year and we are working on it.’

Asked how long the accreditation process would take, he noted that ‘they will have to tell us whether their premises are ready; and if they tell us, we will send our experts to go and inspect where they will have to operate from.’

Accra Campus Out
As part of conditions for the accreditation, Mr Dattey pointed out that the college would need to relocate from its Accra City Campus to a more spacious and conducive learning environment.

He stressed that ‘We will not allow them to operate as degree-awarding from their Accra Campus because we don’t see that as meeting our standards.’

Jayee, DataLink Sanctioned
Meanwhile, NAB has stopped Jayee University College and DataLink College from admitting fresh students indefinitely.

Mr Dattey disclosed that both institutions had become overcrowded and so there was the need for them to move away from their current campuses to more congenial premises before admitting new students.

NAB’s Operations
Commenting on the operations of NAB, Mr Dattey said the Board is working tirelessly to ensure that quality education is provided by the 187 accredited tertiary institutions in the country.

BY Melvin Tarlue

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