Oguamanhene Name Removed From Chiefs List

Information available to DAILY GUIDE indicates that a Cape Coast high court, presided over by Justice Gbiel S Suubaareh, has ordered the National House of Chiefs to remove the name of the paramount chief of the Oguaa Traditional Area, Osaberima Kwesi Atta II (also known as J.H. Haizel), from the National Register.

The petitioners went to court to seek an order to remove the name of Mr Haizel from the National Register of Chiefs on grounds of an alleged fraud.

The petitioners, being members of the Abreadze Royal Stool family of Cape Coast, filed a petition some time in 1998 challenging his nomination, election and installation.

DAILY GUIDEsource said that while the petition was pending, Chieftaincy Declaration (CDL) forms were sent by the Oguaa Traditional Council to the Regional House of Chiefs and the National House of Chiefs for the registration of his name in the National Register as Omanhen of Oguaa.

‘In the CDL forms they were citing questions that were asked; the first was whether there was a case pending against the installation of the chief and the forms answered ‘No’, while indeed he knew there was a case pending. And the second question was whether the chief was in possession of the black stool; and the answer was ‘Yes’, when indeed at the time a letter had been written to the plaintiffs demanding for the black stool,’ he added.

The source added that based on that the plaintiffs resorted to court to set aside and direct the National House of Chiefs to remove the name of the Omanhen from the National Register on grounds that he was registered fraudulently.

The source hinted that the evidence of the petitioners and the document tendered proved that the plaintiffs lied to get Mr Haizel’s name registered with the National House of Chiefs.

He added that the registration was declared null and void and an order directed to the National House of Chiefs to remove the name of J.H. Haizel from the register.

The source pointed out that the fact that the court had ordered his name to be struck out of the National Register did not mean he could not hold himself as a chief since the installation of a chief is purely administrative.

From Sarah Afful, Cape Coast
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