Bimbilla gun battle: Gov’t must live up to its responsibility

T he Deputy Minority leader Dominic Nitiwul is asking government to live up to its responsibility by taking steps to avert clashes most of which have led to loss of lives.

He told Joy FM’s Newsnight Thursday that the government is “taken by surprise too often” whenever violence erupts in Bimbilla , a town that has been under curfew for over a year.

Four people were left dead and nine others injured in a gun battle that ensued in Bimbilla , Thursday.

Seven houses have also been burnt in Thursday’s violent incidents in the Northern regional town of Bimbilla .

Reports suggest that the attack was over certain traditional rites butchers had to perform. Dominic Nitiwul who is MP for Bimbilla explained that whenever butchers slaughter cows, tradition demands that some portions be presented to a chief.

But with chieftaincy crisis at the heart of conflict in the town it was a bit confusing who the butchers were to present the meat to.

That misunderstanding led to the gun battle.
Nitiwul says Thursday’s violence is typical of the problems facing the regions in the North. He said the region is “full of problems when it comes to chieftaincy matters”.

Although he appreciates the security challenges government is facing at Bimbilla , the opposition NPP leader believes, government needs to up its game.

Residents need to feel confident about reporting crime and feel safe going about their business, he explained adding that insecurity often forces people to take the law into their own hands.

He refrained from delving into the chieftaincy matter, preferring to leave security officials to do their work.

But he pointed out that the courts have done its part in the conflict and the parties to the conflict are also living up to their part of the bargain.

It is left to government to do its part, he stated.

The deputy Minority leader appealed to residents to remain calm and stay indoors.

Bimbilla has been under a 12-hour curfew since 2014 after the overload of the town, Naa Dasana Abdulai Andani II was killed in shooting incident.

Under the 10pm to 4am curfew, persons found to be carrying or keeping arms are to be apprehended and prosecuted.

Although residents have called for the relaxation of the movement restrictions, the latest incident will do little to convince government that peace has returned to the area.

Story by Ghana | | Edwin Appiah| [email protected]

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