We don’t believe in Ghana Music Awards – Bull Dog

Entertainment of Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Source: yfmghana.com

Shatta Wale USA BulldogBulldog and Shatta Wale

Ever since Shatta Wale tweeted that he was selling his Ghana Music Awards plaques things haven’t been the same.

Though organizers are yet to react to the statement, manager of the artist on Happy FM during the weekend told Dr Cann they as a team don’t believe the scheme.

“The Ghana Music Awards plaques we won, we have stated a very long time ago that it’s not something that we believe in or hold in high esteem. If we cherished it we would have pursued it from when it ended up MUSIGA.

“We have buyers people are bidding. Shatta Wale, the team and I have spoken and we will hold an auction and let people bid for the awards when the time comes. It’s not something we planned, it’s something we feel. Because people are hounding us asking where is our awards.

“And we have successfully said we are disassociating ourselves from that scheme and it’s not that we we disrespect all awards schemes, it’s just theirs that we don’t want to associate with.

“Even if today we apologize we still wouldn’t want to associate with the Ghana Music Awards. We don’t even want them to award us if we do well or not.”