Throwback Photo: Itz Tiffany childhood and now

Tiffany Mum SisTiffany (left), mother and sister

Over the past few days there have been several questions in the media as to the where about of Ghanaian female Rapper Itz-Tiffany.

The “Fake London Boy” Rapper has been missing in action in Ghana and she’s being traveling around the world since November last year when 3 different sex tapes showing her and her ex-boyfriend in different sexual acts went viral.

There have also been speculations that Fuse ODG has dropped from his Off Da Ground label after she was hit with the sex scandal last year.

Itz-Tiffany has been inactive musically since she released ‘Spanner’ featuring Fuse ODG in July 2014 but she is very active on social media.

Even though Itz-Tiffany is obviously aware of the rumours about her she has refused to comment but rather shared cute childhood pictures of her with her sister and mother on social this morning.