Radio Broadcaster Calls For Arrest Of Spiritual Men And Ga Chiefs Over Accra Disaster Claims

Since the deadly flood and fire disaster occurred at the Circle Goil filling station in Accra, we have seen lots of spiritual men come out to reveal that they had prophesied before the incident happened.

Radio Broadcaster, Kwaku Owusu Ansah, has called for the arrest of these spiritual men who claimed they had a revelation about it and didn’t pray against such calamity.

The Outspoken Broadcaster speaking on FM’s Chart Show hosted by Felix Adjei (Mr. Lattus) said God reveals to redeem and if truely God did revealed to them then there must be a way out.

“I don’t agree with these prophets today and tomorrow, if you had a prophecy about something why don’t you pray about it? why do you wait for disaster to strike before you come out to say God revealed it to you. If only it’s true, then God knows you can do something about it and that’s the reason why it was revealed to you.”

According to him, “It’s wrong for Ga Chiefs to say the Dumsor Vigil may be a cause for the disaster, it’s enough! if they said it’s the vigil, then we don’t have ‘Spiritual God’ in Ghana. who told you God kills human being like that?, everything in Ghana is being linked as spiritual matters, if these spiritual men and the Ga traditional council still holds their claims then they need to be questioned for waiting for such calamity to be-fall the country.”

He said it’s time for Ghanaians to be self-diciplain and find a lasting solutions to our problems instead of shifting blames on certain things.

Kwaku Owusu Ansah explained that, people building around water ways, the choked Odorna River and poor drainage system at Accra all count as a recipe for disaster.

“It’s not everything that you have to blame satan or evil spirits for it. America did not blame someone or evil spirits for the occurrence of hurricane, and Philippines did not blame anyone for tsunami, other countries never put blames on others when disaster occurs.”

Can the spiritual men and the chiefs be arrested over this?

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