I’ll Propagate Gospel Music In Night Clubs—Gospel Musician Perppy

Many Gospel artistes refrain from performing in the night clubs simply because it’s believed to be a joint for unbelievers.

But to the newest and sensational gospel musician by name Mrs Perpetual Tsahey, musically known as Perppy, like the latins who basically say”Ben skiri ben speroo “, meaning, ‘what is written is written ‘ it has always been one of her aims to perform in the night club.

Perppy, who is out with the gospel music titled ” Adom ” is a simple but extremely religious person who happens to be the first artiste to feature on metro fm’s entertainment extra show segment with the name fast & rising.

Sharing her thoughts about her career in an inspired interview with the host, Dj murphy lee, she was asked whether she has any intentions of collaborating with a secular musician?

” Personally, i don’t have any qualms about that, in the sense that you are singing based on motives & the end point is you’re proclaiming Christ . So I’ll pray over it first,if my spirit tells me to do it why not? She revealed.

The thrilling part of the interview was when she was asked if she’ll honor an invitation to perform in a night club?

“The bible says we should go all over the world to propagate the word,so as a gospel musician, i don’t have to perform in the churches alone . it’s hypocritical to perform in an auditorium where all sorts of event takes place and think its bad to perform in the night club.

It has always been one of my aims to win souls for Christ in the night clubs so why not”,? She answered.

Perppy is due to launch her album titled “AYEYI” in few months time with “Adom” as the promotional track making the air waves.

Source : Reagan Mends- SeanCitygh.com

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