Sometimes I feel lonely – Gifty Anti

Entertainment of Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Gifty Anti NewGifty Anti

Beyond the glitz and glamour, the riches, the fame and the razzmatazz of showbiz, celebrities and public figures also feel down, lonely, disappointed and sad like any other human being at some points in their lives and Broadcast Journalist Gifty Anti said she is not an exception.

The News Anchor and Television personality has stated on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review” that as human as she is sometimes she feels lonely but she always finds solace in the lovely people around her and the presence of God in her life.

She admitted that she feels low-spirited sometimes but this is how she gets over her loneliness.

“Anytime I feel lonely I either cry, I pray to God or I remind myself that I have so many children who have shown me so much love and affection and there are many more who wants me to mother them”.

Gifty said even though she does not have her own biological child there are so many people out there who want her to be their mother.

“Though I don’t get the mothering right, they still want me to mother them. I get both males and females telling me they want me to mother them. So that is a kind of fulfilment for me but yes! As human as I am there are times that I feel low spirited”.

Gifty also used the opportunity to address people who criticize her for speaking strongly about marriage and children on her TV show “The Stand Point” when she is not married and she hasn’t have a child.

“It is true I am not married and I don’t have a child. Some people even say I am taking care of other people’s children because I don’t have my own child but it’s alright I am okay with that. If I don’t have a child and I am looking after other people’s children I think it’s even a blessing”.

Asked how she feels when she hears things like this about her Gifty said in the past she used to get worried and downhearted but now things like that even motivates her to do more. She said as a child and even when she was in school a lot of people who were not her relatives helped her so there is nothing wrong if is also helping other people’s children.

Asked if she is dating and why she is still not married, this was what Gifty said;

“Yes I am dating but to tell you the truth as I sit here, I can’t tell u why I am not married. Honestly I have met some very good guys who through my actions or inactions I let them go and I have met some very bad guys who left me broken hearted. Well may be the man am dating now is the one God is preparing for me”.

Meanwhile, Gifty Anti’s TV show THE STANDPOINT is marking its 7th anniversary from Saturday July 4, 2015 with a Muslim Women Conference at GDA Studios. On Saturday 11th July there will ‘Women Called to Worship’ at the Trinity Baptist Church at Madina exactly 9am and 7th anniversary will be climaxed with a health walk which will begin and end at the El-Wak Stadium May 18 2015.