Ghana will soon auction the position of Ministers to foreigners – Mornah

General Secretary of the People’s National Congress (PNC) has called for urgent steps to be taking to end vote-buying during elections in the country.

Benard Mornah believes that that is the only way to improve upon the quality of Ministers and Members of Parliament.

He fears that “soon apart from the president, we will auction the positions of ministers so that we bring expects to come and run our ministries for us.

Speaking on Adom FM’s morning show ‘Dwaso Nsem’ Mr Mornah said the standard in Parliament has reduced “simply because we are electing people who are without ideas but because they have the money they are elected”, he continued.

His comment is in reference to stories circulating in the media about vote buying by some politicians ahead of the Talensi by-election which is ongoing at 74 polling stations in the Upper East Region.

The main culprits of this trend are the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP), he said.

Bernard Mornah alleged that late Monday night, supporters of the NDC and NPP were busily sharing food items, T-shirts, used clothing and monies to the voters.

He said those with the abilities and intellect have not been given the chance because they do not have the resources to splash about like others are doing.

“Those who have the brains have been reduced to nothing because they don’t not have the resources”, adding that elections in Ghana is “not about competence, it is about cash”.

“Just check the quality of our parliament, the level of reasoning and the quality of language spoken on the floor that alone should give you an idea that democracy has been caricatured”.

“Because the people who are supposed to help pass laws do not even understand common construction in English but our laws are written in English they can’t make a complete sentence that is the quality of our parliament”, he continued.

He believes that Ghana cannot move forward and achieve its goals unless situations of this nature is dealt with thoroughly.

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