Female musicians don’t have a voice in GMI – Sista Afia

Entertainment of Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Source: Ghjoy.net

Sista Afia MusicSista Afia

Music in Ghana has always been a male dominated section of Showbiz in the entertainment world; taking a critical look at the rate of which most male musicians are being honored and celebrated by the public, there are only ‘just’ some few ladies in the game who get the chance to taste those benefits.

As a female musician who aspires to be honored and celebrated by the public with her great music, Sista Afia has stated how unfair it is for industry managers to dishonor the hard work her colleague musicians are investing in their arts in order to entertain the world.

“Oh Ghana, a lady invests a lot of hardwork, time, resources and sometimes, we even do the unusual stuffs to entertain fans out there and guys put in similar contributions or sometimes even lesser than ours but we ladies end up being treated unfairly. Why should it always have to be the guys we celebrating when there are ladies out there doing massive things than most of our so called ‘top male stars’? I am proud of ladies in my time like Wiyaala, Efya, Eazzy, Tiffany and some few others who are still doing what they can do best, regardless.

Sista Afia released her first single titled Kro Kro No few months ago and the high life song which features Bisa Kdei has been one of the most talked about song by a female musician this year.

Watch her video below: