Bulldog hits back at Nii Soul for "worst manager" tag

Entertainment of Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Source: Starrfmonline.com

BulldoggydogBull Dog

The head of Bullhaus Entertainment has called out reality show star Nii Soul for referring to him as the “worst manager” in the entertainment industry.

Nii Soul in an entertainment pundit’s discussion was recorded saying he believes Bulldog’s career as a manager, would have been more fruitful if he took time to nurture the many talents that passed through his hands.

Using himself as an example, Soul was sure Shatta Wale’s manager may be the nation’s “worst” manager yet.

Read the full unedited statement below:


An artiste employs and pays management for their services… A managers’ job is not charity. The only paying management jobs I have had in my over 15 years career started with VIP and Shatta Wale.

All I did before was an investment of my money and time to nurture talents.

It’s okay to call me the “worst” after all I’ve had some interesting “titles” thrown at me on this my journey as an artiste manager.

And to quickly turn to me and say you didn’t say that? Whew!! Infact you said more… Or you didn’t know they were recording? lol.. VIDEO NOR DEY LIE…

We are sorry we could not help you at Bullhaus Entertainment when we “PICKED YOU UP” when you were down.

Then again i don’t remember you paying us for our “worse” services at Bullhaus Entertainment, please you still owe us, do well and bring our money. God bless you and remember us in your prayers.

Remember you only came to us to help you because we are the “worst”.

And for the collaboration you wanted with Shatta Wale, I am going to do my best as the “worst manager” to make sure it comes off at least to redeem my image. lol