Bride-to-be diary: How to avoid wedding day disasters

Let me share with you, the six things I have done that I feel will dramatically reduce wedding day stress and drama for any bride-to-be.

I am getting married

With me getting married next year May, a chunk of my spare time is spent looking at all things wedding.

Today I decided that it would be a nice idea to start a little weekly / monthly blog series on All4Women, about my journey to the altar and beyond.

It’s still early days, but I have yet to fall into the bridezilla zone (and I hope not to).

There are however a few things that I have thought about and already implemented so as to avoid any wedding day disasters.

I am a worrier. I’m the girl who wants a plan for the plan

You can never be too prepared for one the biggest and most important days of your life. So, surely the best thing you can do is be over-prepared up until the day and then just surrender to whatever may be and go with the flow?

Let me share with you the six things I have done to date, from what I have taken into account when booking someone something, to simple ideas for on the day, that I feel will dramatically reduce any wedding day stress and drama.

Venue and food

I am so in love with our venue, I can’t wait to get married there. It was the first and only venue we looked at and we were both instantly sold on it.

Besides suiting our budget, we also loved the fact that we don’t have to hire too many outside suppliers. So many of the big things gets done by the venue itself.

We even get a function manager and an on-the-ball wedding coordinator on the day. Two of my friends got married there last year, and both were extremely happy with the venue, staff and food.

Want your wedding to be as stress and drama free as possible?

Remember this: fewer suppliers = less stress. Find a venue that does nearly everything!

The last thing you want to worry about is something like the catering company that you’ve hired not pitching, arriving late or delivering less than what you initially ordered.


Your photographer is one of the biggest costs for your wedding. Some of the quotes we received were mind-blowingly expensive. And, bear in mind, in most cases you have to pay a 50% (non-refundable) deposit.

But, no matter who you book, be it the best in the business or a student photographer – nobody comes with a guarantee.

I know of a woman who hired a really good photographer but ended up with zero photos from him. Why? His equipment got damaged and the photos were irretrievable. How sad is that?!

We have booked the best photographer (her work is gorgeous) that we can afford, but we have taken her entry level package in a bid to cut back on some costs while still getting fabulous, professional photos.

My back up plan

Asking everyone to take and share as many photos as they can, all day! My closest friends will be asked to take their pics in black and white. That way, I get a mix of colour and the beautiful black and white snaps that I adore.

Don’t be one of those brides who says ‘no photos’ and ‘no social media’ – you might just regret it.

There will definitely be a few GORGEOUS pics that come from your friends.


For me, this was a non-negotiable. I have always wanted a video of my special day. Again, most of the quotes we received were steep.

We have chosen to go with a popular but smaller business, who came highly recommended by friends of ours. I also watched nearly every single video on their site – I cried in most (a good thing!).

They have a standard base package and you can add on any extras that you like (at an additional cost) – making your package as basic or as fancy as you can afford.

Videographers also don’t come with a guarantee.

My back up plans – yes there is more than one

Say hello to our Go Pro camera and my tech-friendly nephew.

While my man and I are getting ready (our rooms are across the hall from each other at the venue) the Go Pro will be shared between us. You literally just place it in the best position in the room and voila! it’s doing it’s job – the getting ready side of things – definitely captured.

My nephew will use the Go Pro during the ceremony and only occasionally during our reception. I don’t want him ‘working’ during the fun part. So, as long as he gets the speeches and our first dance – it’s all good. And, he is more than happy to have been put in charge of this.

My sweet mom says she is taking her video camera too (this was not my idea, but hey, if she wants to, it’s all good with me and might benefit me in the end).

And, of course, friends will be told to feel free to record videos on their phone.


Our flowers will be done by the florist that is literally in the same road as our venue. That way, I don’t have to deal with a florist whose car has broken down, stuck in traffic or just plain and simply running late.

We can (if need be) quickly go and collect our flowers. No mess, no fuss, no stress.

When booking your florist – or any supplier, remember to keep their location in mind.


We have hired a DJ who has been in business for many years. While this is no guarantee that something might not go wrong on the day, he not only comes highly recommended, he also makes sure he is at the venue early and does sound checks with all his (good quality) equipment.

On top of that, he has a team of DJs who work for him, so, again, if something happens between now and our wedding, or even on the day, I know he will be able to make a plan.

Marriage officer – the gentleman we have booked to officiate our marriage has been marrying couples for 20 years.

The added bonus / back up plan?

His wife is also a marriage officer. So, in case of emergency (touch wood), his wife can stand in for him.

Make sure your marriage officer has somebody who can stand in for him / her if they can’t make it AND request to meet this person so that you know you are comfortable with them too.

While none of these suggestions are rocket science, I think that any bride-to-be should definitely have plans in place way in advance to avoid on the day disasters.

And, remember – the MOST important thing on the day, is that you leave married to the one you love. Everything else is just a cherry on the top (but, cherries are nice, so plan properly!)

Happy planning!

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