Bonking Man Meets Otumfuo’s Chief Priest

A married woman has suffered huge embarrassment after it emerged that another man had been bonking her in the farm for the past one-year.

Pizeh Konkomah, the woman, stooped low by allowing one, Paul, to have sexual intercourse with her in the bush without the knowledge of her husband.

Their immoral act came to light recently, after a brawl between the two love birds.

Paul reportedly demanded sex in the bush but Pizeh refused to give in, and threatened not to continue with the immoral act.

Her threat to quit the relationship got Paul infuriated so he beat up Pizeh who suffered serious bruises in the face and other parts of the body.

Pizeh reported Paul’s physical attack on her at the Biremhene’s palace, where the two of them were staying, in the presence of the chief and elders.

The interrogation of the two love birds by Nana Baffuor Agyekum, the Birim Chief, was broadcasted live on Kessben fm’s Breaking News programme.

Pizeh, who sounded repentant, confessed that she had had sexual intercourse with Paul on the farm on countless occasions during the past one-year.

She said she always slept naked on the bare floor while Paul unleashed his libido on top of her.

Pizeh, a mother of one, said she realized that as a married woman it was not good for her to have sex with another man so she told Paul that she was no longer interested in the sinful relationship but Paul became angry and beat her up mercilessly.

Pizeh said it was Satan who influenced her to sleep with another man in the farm behind her married husband, asking for forgiveness.

On his part, Paul, who could hardly utter a word, blamed the devil for influencing him to do the abominable.

He said what he had done does not merit pardon but he pleaded with the chief and elders of the town to temper justice with mercy.

Nana Baffuor Agyekum, the Birim Chief said the matter would be taken to the palace of the Asantehene’s Nsumakwahene, the chief priest of Asanteman, for adjudication.

He noted that it was the Nsumankwahene who could determine what would be done to Paul and Pizeh for having sex in the bush which is a taboo.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi

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