Rice and egg stew reminds me of Castro – Mzbel

Entertainment of Monday, 6 July 2015

Source: Adomonline.com

Mzbel SmileMzbel

Hiplife songstress Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, popularly known as Mzbel, has disclosed that the sight of rice and egg stew in palm oil reminds her of missing hiplifer Castro.

She revealed on Hitz FM’s ‘Entertainment this Week’ that the meal was Castro’s favourite.

“We’ve lived together in the same house before, Castro and I and anytime we prepare some of the foods he likes, we will all talk about him, he likes rice with egg stew, palm nut (oil) egg stew. “Anytime we are eating that food we mention him, you know. It is not easy but because the dad said he is not dead, we try to console ourselves with that” Mzbel further revealed.

Songstress Mzbel in expressing how much she misses Castro, describes him as interesting.

“Castro is very interesting, he is a comedian, any time Castro is around, he will make up funny funny stories, he will make you laugh and recently when I started recording, each time I go to the studio and I’m about to start singing or rapping I miss him. I miss him because he will be there to direct me, he will be there to say funny funny stuff, you know people will correct me and the way they do it is ( frustrating) but Castro will do it in a funny way so I miss him. When I go to the studio I wish he was around”.

“When we first heard about this whole thing (Castro’s disappearance) myself and a few celebrities went to his dad’s house to confirm. When we went his mother was crying and crying and the dad was like ‘why are you crying, your son is not dead, why are you crying?

He told us that nobody should mourn Castro, that he is not dead so up to now I don’t know whether he has travelled, whether he is hiding, whether it is a planned thing, I don’t know but if Castro for real drowned then I don’t think he is alive but if he didn’t drown and you know he is missing then we are still waiting to hear from him or see him” she added.