Where is Itz Tiffany?

Entertainment of Sunday, 5 July 2015

Source: Kojo Smith | GhanaWeb

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Where is “Itz Tiffany”??

Last year, the unfortunate happened when the azonto queen’s private life was unleashed by her baby father to the media through videos.

Personally, I felt her pain as I have watched her struggle her way to the top independently in our music industry till she was signed to Off The Ground records with Fuse ODG as CEO.

Just yesterday, I was driving when her music- spanner- came on the radio. I couldn’t help but to reflect on all the obstacles I have seen this girl rise through.

A serious car accident whiles she was driving from Lynx entertainment studios after recording her hit song Fake London boy which put her in a 2 day coma; after a year she got robbed and then was blackmailed by five Nigerian students who had nude pictures of her!

We all have a clear view of what she tasted; it was a bitter experience for herself and her fans, but it all came to pass when they were arrested.

She managed to bounce back and released couple hits after the got signed by the UK record label and we all know the story about her baby-daddy-drama.

This leads me back to my question Where is Itz Tiffany???

Rumor has it that her label backed off when she was swallowed by the videos.

Rumor also has it that she has been dropped from the label.

My question to the ODG team is if all these rumors are true, who does that.?? Who drops an artiste in times of need.

What puzzles my mind is if it’s not true, why hasn’t Tiffany come out with another song??

Fuse has dropped 2 songs and 2 videos. She’s missing in action.

I realized she has taken ODG label signed off her Twitter n Instagram accounts.

Word on the street is they turned their backs on her.

My question to Fuse ODG is “isn’t this the same female that made you shine if we consider in contribution to your Azonto song which set you career in active motion?

Should her talent not count for anything or you just going to let her fade?

Wherever Tiffany is I hope she’s putting something together because your Fans miss you.