Mens Charity present certificate of appreciation to ATV

Men’s Health Foundation Ghana (MHFG), a prostate cancer charity group has presented a certificate of appreciation to ATV for partnering the charity to launch the first ever prostate cancer awareness campaign in the country during the father’s day in Dodowa.

The charity and ATV reached an agreement to stage the campaign to help raise awareness on the disease in the country. The management of the charity was very grateful for their partnership with the TV station. The certificate was presented to the channel manager, Henrietta Adom who expresses her profound gratitude to the men’s charity.

The two partners have called on the president to recognized fathers day as national prostate cancer day in the country.

According to the charity, though, Prostate cancer affect only men, the side effect and psychosocial aspect of the disease even affect women than the men. The side effect of treatment of the diseases affect men sex life and it can be permanent or temporal and men always want to be men in the house and this is bringing lot of bewildering in the homes so they have also appeal to the NHIS to also consider and push for a free screening program on the NHIS because if the disease is detected early it can be successfully treated but is also more aggressive in black men and more prone to black men. There is a high mortality rate in the country and something needs to be done. It is estimated that close to 1,000 men get this disease yearly and the worrying aspect is the number of death per year-800.

The charity has also called on other media houses to also support the cause of awareness programs in the country.

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