Ghanaians underrate Bisa Kdei

Entertainment of Thursday, 2 July 2015


Bisa Kdei4Bisa Kdei

It is of no doubt that, in a country like Ghana, just anyone can stand up and call himself a musician. This is common not only in Ghana but other countries. The only difference is, in Ghana, we the music lovers give ears to songs which do not make sense than songs that project the ways of a typical Ghana-man.

Truth is, songs which do not make sense does not even last on our data drives for more than a year. Sometimes less than 6 months or so. But with good songs performed by good musicians, it can be played over and over and you will never find it usual to delete it from your drive, especially when you have no reason.

Great musicians in Ghana including Bisa Kdei have been underrated by his own and the reason is simple; Ghanaian’s prefer noise making songs. I stand to be corrected.

Few weeks ago, after his exciting performance in Togo at Emmanuel Adebayor’s music Concert with Wizkid, Lola Rae and other top musicians, celebrity blogger, Ameyaw Debrah, who was present at the event published an article where he stated how fans outside Ghana love the message Bisa Kdei sends to the world.

Explaining what he saw at Lome, Ameyaw said, he was surprised to see patrons at the event sing songs by Bisa Kdei. He didnt know these Togolese have such a great love for the musicians we (Ghanaians) do not regard.

Some months ago, Bisa Kdei was in Gabon to perform and sources claim the Odo Carpenter singer is one of the top musicians Gabon is dying to own.

Not ending there, PSV former player, Memphis Depay, who is currently playing for Manchester United FC recorded a video of himself and a friend singing Brotherhood, a song by Bisa Kdei and his former music partner, Bisa Yoshua.

The list will keep going on until we get fed up but to cut this whole long story short, It is now obvious most musicians in Ghana have been underrated, especially, the good and gifted ones.

Bisa Kdei is currently in Canada as part of his tour which started 2 weeks ago from United States, Maryland.

On 30th June 2015, Bisa Kdei headlined an event organized by Ghana House Entertainment and AfroENT Concept dubbed Bisa Kdei All White Affair inside Forum Banquet Hall in Toronto.

In a video he released few hours ago, he was seen performing his latest single, MANSA and in the video, one can see the steaming hot ladies singing and dancing to MANSA.

This is unusual in Ghana, to see fans sitting in front which we normally term as the VIP’s cherish and go crazy over your song? Who are you to receive their hype when they see themselves as Very Important People.

Bisa Kdei won the heart of Canadians.

Watch how they love Bisa Kdei below..