We have too many problems to waste time talking about homosexuality

Panelists on the Republic Day edition of Joy FM’s Super Morning Show unanimously agreed that discussing homosexuality was a complete of waste of time.

They argued Ghana is confronted with too many problems for the citizens to spend precious time arguing about what people do in the bedrooms.

The show was hosted by the Chief Executive of the Chamber of Bulk Oil Distribution Companies (BDCs), Senyo Hosi.

A United States Supreme Court ruling last week legalized gay marriage across the country.

Since then many Ghanaians have reacted angrily to the ruling and have vowed to resist any attempt to have gay marriage legalised in Ghana.

Vice-President of IMANI, Kofi Bentil, said the country’s public health system is collapsing, the education system is in crisis, bad roads are plaguing every motorist.

These he said are the matters that need to be discussed and not whether or not some people who have a sexual preference for same sex should have their rights legislated upon.

He does not believe there is need for homosexuality to be legislated whether prohibiting it or allowing the practice.

“Why do we spend time making a law for or against homosexuals? Do we make laws for heterosexuals or are we trying to make laws to regulate what people do in their bedrooms? That is the silliest thing you can ever contemplate,” he argued.

Sarah Asafo-Agyei supported Kofi Bentil’s arguments but insisted that “I think they are entitled to have a law passed in their favour.”

She maintained that the fact that homosexuals have a sexual preference different from the largely accepted societal view “does not mean they shouldn’t enjoy the same right when they are in a committed relationship.”

She said they are taxpayers and good citizens and must be left alone.

Politician and businessman, Kofi Wayo differed on the subject. He shared an experience growing up in the United States where his friend confided in him that he had a natural preference for men as sexual partners.

He said he was concerned that homosexuality offended God’s laws, giving biblical context to his argument.

“If you have a daughter, nature dictates that it is wrong for you to sleep with your daughter; that is nature’s law. Then man copied it and we say if you go to bed with your daughter, you have committed a crime. So we are saying also if you sleep with another man you have committed a crime. What is wrong with that? he argued.

The Convention People’s Party’s Kwame Gyantuah, clearly dissented.

He argued homosexuality was a moral issue which should not be tolerated.

He stressed the view that homosexuality should be legislated against.

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