Sabahn Quaye descends on Hearts players

Soccer News of Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Hearts Group PrayerHearts of Oak players

eam manager of Hearts of Oak Sabahn Quaye has issued a stern warning to the playing body of Hearts of Oak as their performance continues to dwindle.

Quaye, who doubles up as Black Stars team manager, was blunt in his assessment of the playing body. This follows Hearts’ away draw with bottom placed B.A United which left the Phobians 13th on the league log.

“Gentlemen, the truth must be told to you once and for all. Most of you don’t deserve to be here. Hearts is a big team and before others be it players and management in various capacities had held the mantle high and defended the flag which attracted you to join.”

“But honestly, I think most of you don’t have what it takes to continue playing for this team.”

“It doesn’t matter what you think of yourselves, the truth is that there are millions of Hearts fans out there judging you on a daily basis with the performance you put up in your games.”

Sabahn did not hesitate to inform the players of pending changes in the team to ensure a change in the team’s fortunes.

“The time for changes has come and it must be now if we mean to move this big tree. The Oak tree has lots of branches and we must understand that each has a role play to fertilize the tree so if they fail to live up to their various responsibilities the end result will be a big collapse.”

“I’m highly disappointed in our recent performance and I know all the fans are as well. It is a big shame on us all to go three games without a win so if there must be any changes, it must be now. We don’t have to look at faces but face the reality of who can help and who can’t help.”

Hearts are now in a precarious situation in the league having won one out of the five second round games and only two points clear of safety.