Masara N Ariziki Farmers Association Elects Woman Council Chair

As part of their resolve to encourage gender participation and inclusion of women in farming, Masara N’ Ariziki Farmers Association has for the first time elected a woman Council Chair to steer the affairs of the Association.

The election of Madam Kate Salia, from Tumu in the Sisala East District, as the Association’s Council Chair is an indication of the importance Masara attaches to women participation in farming and would also be a source of inspiration to women who hitherto, do not have the interest of taking to farming.

Earlier this month Masara recognized the best women group among the association and they were awarded during their 3rd Annual General Meeting for their impeccable performancein the 2014 farming season.

Over the past, Masara Council Chair had been occupied by men who worked to bring the Association and its activities to a sound footing inuring to the benefit of over thousands farmers in the Northern part of Ghana.

In the past, women inclusion and participation in large scale commercial farming has been very low across Africa.

Women make essential contributions to the agricultural and rural economies in all developing countries. Their roles vary considerably between and within regions and are changing rapidly in many parts of the world, where economic and social forces are transforming the agricultural sector.

Rural women often manage complex households and pursue multiple livelihood strategies.

Many of these activities are not defined as “economically active employment” in national accounts but they are essential to the wellbeing of rural households.

The agricultural sector in many developing countries is underperforming, in part because women, who represent a crucial resource in agriculture and the rural economy through their roles as farmers, labourers and entrepreneurs, almost everywhere face more severe constraints than men in access to productive resources.

According to Masara, efforts by national governments and the international community to achieve their goals for agricultural development, economic growth and food security will be strengthened and accelerated if they build on the contributions that women make and take steps to alleviate these constraints.

Masara N’ Ariziki Farmers Association has over the years improved the livelihood of many farmers through the provision of quality inputs supports and technical advise and this falls in line with their vision as a formidable farmers association.

Despite the pockets of challenges that confronted the association in the just ended season, the association this year has already deployed inputs as the Masara package for its members.

All members under the Masara project have received their inputs. In addition members will be trained to embrace best agricultural practices for the 2015 farming season.

This undoubtedly raises high hopes of better future.

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