Video: Gyan, Afriyie Acquah and co dance to ‘Telemo’

Asamoah GasmillaAsamoah Gyan, Gasmilla and Afriyie Acquah dance to Telemo

Telemo may not be the match of #NewGuy, but it is indeed the song of the match; and this particular match was Stephen Appiah’s testimonial match.

The football match at the Accra Sports Stadium was well attended by celebrities, politicians and fans alike. The former skipper put a select team, Appiah XI, against the Ghana Blacks Stars.

One of the many musicians who attended the event was Gasmilla, who’s latest song Telemo is ruling the airwaves and dance troupes, and it surely ruled the match too.

The musician joined current Blacks Stars captain, Asamoah Gyan and midfielder Afriyie Acquah to showcase their dance moves.