The Ghanaian Writer Who Has Brought Hope To The Ghanaian Youth

Mr. Joseph Kyei Ankrah

Mr. Joseph Kyei Ankrah

Writers make knowledge abounds, they reveal what has been hidden for years. They write to educate, inspire, inform, persuade, entertain and many times inspire people to take up the challenges.

In Ghana, we have seen and heard of so many writers who have come to inspire and impact their generations but they are no more. Others wrote to make money for themselves and their families. The tradition still continues as many in our days are creating wealth from their work [writing].

We have in our generation, people who are living to make impact through their knowledge and rich experience in writing. I agree with Leo Rosten that ‘The purpose of life is not to be happy―but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to make some difference that you have lived’. And this is what Mr. Joseph Kyei Ankrah stands for.

Mr. Joseph Kyei Ankrah double as a Tax Administrator, who is working with Ghana Revenue Authority and a prolific writer who focuses on inspiring and bringing hope to his generation through motivational books. He has four (4) books to his credit which includes; Key to True and Lasting Success, Own Your Own Business, Managing the Pressure of Success and Time, and How to Secure Your Financial Freedom which was launched on 28th June, 2015 at PIWC Suame, Kumasi. Through his writing, he has founded a consultancy firm called Bridge of Hope Limited that organizes seminars on various topics for individuals, corporate institutions and groups such as Student bodies and churches. He is a seasonal speaker you will love to listen to for hours.

Mr. Joseph Kyei Ankrah has brought hope to the Ghanaian youth since his company is nurturing a lot of Ghanaian youth to take advantage of the numerous opportunities in Ghana. As if that is all, he is committing about 60% of all proceeds from his books in a scholarship project to support the brilliant but poor in the society who are unable to pursue their ambitions of getting quality education.

Moreover, it has become very imperative for our youth of today to start creating their own businesses since the government is unable to employ all thousands of graduates produced by our universities anymore. Mr. Joseph Kyei Ankrah is again committing to support any youth who has innovative ideas but has no capital to start on his own. He is creating a mentorship hub for the Ghanaian youth. It is believed that mentoring the youth of a country is a catalyst for development.

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