Husband Threaten Wife With Divorce If She Refuse Sex With Other Women


A woman filed a complaint with police after her husband forced her to have s*x with other women, prosecutors in Indonesia said. 42-year-old Lily Elizabeth Marie of Tangerang, told judges at the District Court how her husband, 50-year-old Edy Sulistio, abused her. Read more from Odd News Blog:

Marie said that Sulistio threatened her with divorce and physically and psychologically abused her. The trouble with the marriage began when Sulistio demanded that she have s*x with other women.

When Marie refused, she was beaten. He also threatened her with marrying another woman. The court was also told that Marie was forced to lose 100 pounds in three months.

Marie admitted that she weighed 200 pounds at one point. After a strict diet and hiring five personal trainers, Marie’s weight went down to 110 pounds. Sulistio is allegedly dating a 20-year-old woman.

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