Retrieve illegal payments by July 7 or..- Korle-Bu Staff issues ultimatum

The Senior staff and consultants at the Korle-Bu Teaching have given management of the hospital a two week ultimatum to retrieve all monies “embezzled” under the tenure of the previous management.

The staff and consultants say, the former Board headed by Eddie Annan made illegal payments in excess of ₵250,000 to the benefit of the board.

In a statement detailing the payments, the group says we will “advise ourselves if management fail to retrieve all monies”.

Read the full statement below:
For some time now, KOSSA and Consultant & Specialist Forum in agreement with management and other stakeholders took a stand to concentrate on developing the institution and clearing the mess inherited from the Eddie Annan led board. However, Eddie Annan is capitalizing on recent event in Korle Bu to present himself as a disguise saint in an attempt to mislead the public to bring the name of the institution into disrepute.

This has compelled Senior Staff members of the institution to just tell him to either appreciate the hard work into the mess he created or shut up.

Eddie Annan in an attempt to regain his loss credibility and honour is hopping from one media house to another in his usual uncharacteristic deceitful manner to mislead the good people of Ghana.

Mr Eddie Annan is advised to reflect on the following when his egos and fantasies pushed him to make derogatory remarks about this great institution and its hard working staff members.

(a) His inappropriate, criminal and illegal appointment of a board member to a management position and finally making him a staff of Korle Bu against all advice of committing conflict of interest.

The illegal payment to Godfred Ahianyo, the amount in question is totally 118,461.04. Please note that the request for refund for this amount has not been heeded by Annan and his cronies.

(b) Another such capricious appointment made by Mr Annan is that of Rev Okpoti Botchway (non-executive board member) to the position of Chief Executive Officer without an appointment letter. Note that the accumulated amount of 31,669.82 being illegal payments made to the appointee which they are required to refund to the Hospital is still outstanding. Mr Annan should note that it was under his authorization that scarce monetary resources required for improving quality of health was used to purchase luxurious vehicles and distributed to his favourites.

(c) Mr Annan should note that the unauthorized payment of 51,096.74 to Professor. Efua Hesse as retirement gift to silence her is yet to be refunded.

(d) The illegal payment of Board allowance and strange introduction of Board fees as well as persistent appreciable adjustments of same throughout the period of his stewardship stands at a whopping 67,577.75 which is also yet to be refunded.

(f) Another example is the Audi A6 series that was bought with Hospital scarce funds, which was originally registered in his “CEO” name and did nothing about it, but today you turn around to accuse others.

In the light of the above, KOSSA and Consultants Forum demand that management recovers all fund embezzled, misapplied or simply misappropriated by Eddie Annan, the former Board chair and his management team by July 7, 2015. Anything short of this will result in severe actions by us.

We would advise ourselves if management fail to retrieve all monies since his actions has currently put the Hospital in a very dire financial situation where basic medical suppliers for patients care are in short supply at a premier facility like Korle Bu.

Jointly signed

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