Deadly Accra Flood Prophesy Came To Me 3 Hours To The Incidence Pastor Discloses

Since the deadly flood and fire disaster occurred at the Circle Goil filling station, we have seen lots of spiritual men come out to reveal that they had prophesied before the incident happened.

Though many have lambasted such spiritualists and men of God, head pastor of Prophetic Evangelistic Ministry at Tantra Hill, (Golden Door near the market), Pastor Emmanuel K Ntiamoah, disclosed on Accra based radio station, Neat Fm, that, he saw the deadly flood three (3) hours to the incidence. www.mustaphainusah.Com

Speaking to the host, Paa Kwesi Mzpah on Neat Fm’s drive time show last week, he stated that in Ghana, one of the most difficult things to do as a pastor is to see bad prophecy and make it public. “All the pastors that people respect in Ghana don’t prophesies publicly – not because they don’t see, but at the end of the day, Ghanaians will insult you.

“Everyone wants to hear prophesies that will go in their favor” he said.

Pastor Emmanuel K. Ntiamoah explained that, somewhere in February, it was revealed to him in a way that he saw many funerals in which people at the Asante Mampong Beposu and Asante Mampong Nsuta were involved in, but they died in Accra.

According to him, a few days later, some members of the church made it known to him that they know some men who sell carpet at Circle who are from those towns, but when they invited them they refused to come to church because they claimed they make more money on Sundays.

He continued that, until June 3rd when he was praying with his members in the late afternoon, it was revealed to him that the prophecy he saw in February was about to happen. “So at that midnight, I prophesied that something which is not common is about to happen to Ghana and that Ghana needs prayers so 3 hours after the prayers, the news came out that people were dying” pastor Ntiamoah claimed. w www.MustaphaInusah.Com

The pastor explained that in his prophecy, he spoke about the flag coming down and the president declaring 3 days mourning which tells that the prophecy he made at his church is what has come to pass.

You can click here to watch the videos of Pastor Emmanuel K Ntiamoah’s revelations in February about the 3rd June floor disaster and an interview on Neat Fm with Paa Kwesi Mzpah.

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