Ms Berlinda Bulley: Ghana Needs A Visionary Leader

The National Women’s Coordinator of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Ms Berlinda Bulley, has stated on Ghana Great and Strong show on ATV that it will take a visionary leader to bring ourselves as people to this 21st century.

She said as to what it will take or how we can get ourselves in the 21 st century as a country lies straight with government.

‘As a country we have different set of people and we have some believe that if you attempt to give some responsibilities to some people then there will be issues of we don’t do this, we don’t do that. Again Government takes our taxes and so has enough resources to move along, lastly when government speaks, no other ethnic group, no other god, no other tradition can come and say otherwise. So we need government or a leader who is willing enough, who will have the political will to move.

Nothing comes easy, today there’s Tema Township and some f them are owners of some properties. It took somebody. He was challenged with this same excuses of our tradition, our god and so on but he said look whatever it is you will have to move and what did he do? He provided similar structures for them to move in and today we have Tema harbor. Nothing comes easy’ she said.

According to her Ghanaians pray a lot thinking we can sit and when we pray everything will happen. It doesn’t happen like that. She said God will not do for you what you must do for yourself as man or as a country. Ghana need to move with the speed of light. We are where we are because of government inability to move.

‘If we have a president or a leader because in Ghana we run an executive system where more than 70% of our powers lies with an individual so if we have a leader who is visionary enough, who believes that this country has the capability to move the direction other countries have moved, trust me we won’t be where we are. But there seems to be this nonchalant attitude, lackadaisical attitude when it comes to moving. And this country we always comparing ourselves to developed countries like US, China etc but when it comes to moving we say this is Ghana. How do you even think like that? We need to wake up’ she noted.

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