Comment: To err is human, to leak is…WAEC

General News of Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Source: Joseph Opoku Gapko

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This year’s conduct of the BECE by WAEC has not disappointed many who expected it to be rife with many a dramatic occurrence. Let’s touch on just a few of these occurrences.

The government of Ghana was able to put in a temporary measure to make sure we had constant supply of electricity for a month to watch AFCON 2015 tournament. The government however did not deem it necessary to do same for just the one week period the BECE candidates wrote their examinations. This clearly tells where our priorities lie as a nation.

But for the negligence of WAEC authorities and self-seeking individuals involved in the leakage of the examination questions, these kids would have been done with their examination.

Young candidates would have to endure studying in darkness. Those who slept in the examination centers because their homes were so far away, have to brace themselves for more mosquito bites and cold nights. My heart truly goes out to these candidates who have to relive these unfavourable situations.

Following the scandalous leakage, there have been calls for the WAEC boss to resign; it is a legitimate call. Rev. Samuel Nii Nmai Ollenu must step aside whiles investigations are ongoing.

Beyond that, I have few thoughts to share.

During a security briefing in my first year in the University of Ghana, the then security head ACP (Rtd) Mr. Amadu Salifu in his address said there were two kinds of thieves; those who steal on purpose and those who steal because they were tempted. Those in the second group do not step out with the intention of going to steal people’s belongings; they do so when they are tempted by people who carelessly place their properties anywhere.

My point is this, entrusting people with examination questions which could be sold as much as GH ¢10,000 to several individuals is tantamount to leading them to temptation. I tell you what … only a few people can survive this temptation. WAEC should not trust any person or groups of persons with the question papers. The questions have high demand and they will be purchased at any cost.

There is a Chinese expression that “human beings are born evil and self-interested”. This means, unchecked, people would commit selfish deeds which will certainly lead to social unrest.

Due to the susceptibility of all people to do evil and to engage in selfish behaviours it is important that the human element involved in the handling of the question papers is reduced.

Countries with few cases of examination leakages do not have examiners with higher moral standards than we have in Ghana. These countries owe their feat to the reduction of human involvement in their examinations. It is time we do same. – See more at: