Civil servants are corrupt – Lawyer

General News of Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Source: The Finder

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Alhaji Ibrahim Mahama has called on Ghanaians to hold civil servants responsible for the growing levels of corruption in the country.

He is not happy that Ghanaians blame politicians, especially the President, for corruption.

He added that government’s commitment and effort would always come to naught if the civil service does not desist from corrupt practices.

“Corruption cannot thrive in any institution without the tacit endorsement of the civil servants there; they aid crime in their various offices,” he said.

He also condemned those who always link the President to every single issue that has to do with corruption without evidence.

This, he said, was not good for the sanctity of the presidency, which must be preserved.

According to him, the president has demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt his unflinching commitment to fighting corruption.

Alhaji Mahama explained that the President cannot fight corruption alone without the support and commitment of civil servant.

He made reference to the bloated public sector payroll which successive governments have made frantic efforts to correct, but to no avail.

According to him, politicians themselves cannot input ghost names into the system; it is usually the civil servant who does that.

“Almost every two years, you will hear the government announcing the number of ghost names they have deleted from the system but still the numbers keep on increasing; we should be asking ourselves where the ghost names are coming from because they are not from the skies,” he noted.

On the current intra-political disputes in political parties, especially the NPP, Alhaji Mahama condemned the confusion and struggle for the control of the party by different interest groups.

He noted that it was natural for social groupings to have divergent views on how to advance the interest of their groups, but that it should be done in a civilised manner such that one can always galvanise the supporters of the group.

On the performance of northern politicians so far and the future of northern politics, Alhaji Mahama advised politicians from both parties to practice decent politics and work hard to reduce the monetisation of politics.

On the performance of President Mahama so far, Lawyer Mahama said that President Mahama is doing well.

According to him, the President exudes remarkable leadership qualities and has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he is not the mediocre leader other people wants Ghanaians to believe.

He stated that President Mahama is an asset and inspiration to future northern politicians.

“He is doing well and Ghanaians should accept the fact that he is not a mediocre leader as others want people to think.”