‘Beg to Play, and the Many Mores’ artistes are destroying the music industry – 4 x 4

Entertainment of Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Source: yfmghana.com

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Currently promoting their fresh cut Tantalizing, 4×4 in a new interview on an Accra based radio station has revealed Ghanaian artist who beg to play shows are making negotiations with event organizers very difficult.

Coded explaining how the trio feel when they under perform at gigs explained.

“If you go to a show and the performance doesn’t go well, you become frustrated because that’s what you are paid to do. It’s from some of these frustrations that we did Yesi Yesi and that was after Ghana Meets Naija.

We delayed a bit before coming on stage when we were announced, you know how Ghanaians do. After the show organizers use your name and image to advertise the show and the crowd comes out, the same crowd who came to see you will start leaving immediately the MC announces your name simply because the show dragged.”

“And we have seen this happen to a lot of big names and even international acts. These problem of delay happens when the “and many mores” are many. You know how these organizers announce artists on the bill in their adverts; ‘Sarkodie, 4×4, so so and so and many more!’….

“The bigger the show, the more ‘and many more’ artists find themselves on stage and they waste a lot of time. And there is the BTP (Beg To Play) artists too who beg organizers to play. They have spoilt the game.

They beg too much and these distort the negotiations when organizers call artists who are currently hot. Because the organizers also want to maximize profit so they will go in for these artists to fill the bill if you demand what they organizers think is ‘too much’.